Professional Artificial Putting Green Installation in Austin

American Greens specializes in providing the highest quality artificial putting green installation in Austin. We have installed putting green turfs in every size, shape, and layout to create a golf oasis in backyards across the area. If you want synthetic putting green installation in Austin, we’ve done and seen it in our 22 years.

Here at American Greens, we specialize in installing the industry best-putting greens in Austin for residential and commercial purposes. We install the best quality artificial putting green turfs that are just like natural grass to practice your short game in the right way.

For your backyard putting green installation in Austin, we aim to design a putting green turf that beautifully compliments the rest of your landscaping. Our top-quality artificial putting green turf looks as great as it feels to play on.

What does Our Artificial Putting Green Installation Process include?

• Material ordering and delivery

• Equipment and machinery needed

• Sod removal

• Base laying and compacting

• Turf cutting and laying

• Cup cutting and concreting

• Infill spreading

• Surface rolling

• Clean up and finishing touches

Dependable Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Austin

If you want to improve your short game or create a fun environment for the entire family, synthetic putting greens make it possible. With us, you get realistic, a low-maintenance backyard putting green turf to dial in your short game.

Our synthetic putting green installation in Austin offers you the feeling of a real golf course setting. Installing our artificial grass putting green turf has many benefits in the short term and long term like saving money, time, effort, and more.

We provide you the best service by utilizing the most advanced synthetic putting green turf, state-of-the-art installation techniques. At American Greens, we guarantee our synthetic putting green turf applications live up to the highest expectations.

What Our Synthetic Putting Green Installation Offers?

• A perfectly level surface with proper undulation

• Professionally installed putting green with the proper amount of sand infill for natural ball reaction

• Achieve the desired green speed for practicing your short game

• Seamless putting green turf

Reliable Backyard Putting Green Installation in Austin

Are you interested in a natural-appearing, low-maintenance artificial grass lawn for your backyard? We are here for you to provide professional backyard putting green installation in Austin.
Installing our top-quality backyard putting green turf gives you the aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance artificial grass lawn of your dreams. Our high-quality backyard putting greens are lush, lifelike and the perfect way to practice your short game in comfort. Installing our synthetic putting green turf requires low maintenance and saves owner’s time and money.

What are the Benefits of Our Artificial Putting Green Installation?

• Conserves water

• Chemical, insecticide, and fertilizer free yard

• Provides excellent drainage

• Offer realistic feel

• Provides a space for enjoyment and entertainment for the whole family

• Creates a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing space that becomes a wonderful focal point of your property

• Provides a stunning golf oasis look

Rely on American Greens for your next artificial putting green installation in Austin to embrace a greener world cost-effectively.

Contact us today to learn more about the endless artificial green grass turf application and installation possibilities!