Professional Artificial Putting Green Installation in Bettendorf

American Greens is a leading provider of artificial putting green installation in Bettendorf, Iowa. We also offer a large selection of artificial putting greens to fit any application. If you want a reliable and cost-effective synthetic putting green installation in Bettendorf, trust us to get the best service. 

Our expert team strives to perform the backyard putting green installation in Bettendorf to turn your dream into reality. We have professional artificial putting green installers and product experts who work with you to implement your exact vision. Our team installs top-quality synthetic putting green turf using cutting-edge technologies to provide you a perfectly level surface with proper undulation. 

Key Points of Our Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Bettendorf:

  1. Experts at American Greens helps you choose the perfect match putting green turf for your sense of style
  2. Infill gives your synthetic putting green turf a realistic look and feel. While installation, we ensure the proper amount of sand infill for natural ball reaction. 
  3. We roll the synthetic putting green turf perfectly to achieve the desired speed.
  4. Our synthetic putting green turf installation offers you a seamless look.

Our Backyard Putting Green Installation in Bettendorf Includes:

A professional backyard putting green installation in Bettendorf is essential to ensure it requires minimum maintenance and lasts longer.  Our professional installation, a top-quality backyard putting green, and landscape design contribute to a great result. 

Step 1: Material ordering and on-time delivery

Step 2: Arrival of a fully equipped team with equipment and machinery needed

Step 3: Perform the sod removal

Step 4: Do the base laying and compacting

Step 5: Ensure perfect turf cutting and laying as per your requirement

Step 6: Properly do the cup cutting and concreting, which is the most crucial component

Step 7: To meet the proper infill requirements for the turf system, we do Infill spreading

Step 8: As per the design and plan, we perform the surface rolling 

Step 9: At last, we clean up the putting green turf and do the finishing touches

What are the benefits of our Artificial Putting Green Installation in Bettendorf?

Our professional artificial putting green installation in Bettendorf is the perfect solution for your lawn woes. The benefits of artificial putting green installation outweigh the initial cost and save time and money regarding its upkeep. 

  1. Realistic Feel: Artificial putting green installation in your backyard gives a realistic feel. Our backyard putting greens are made to simulate real grass greens. 
  2. Speciality Infill: We add specialty infill for natural ball spin and reaction during chip shots. It helps to create fast putting speed. 
  3. Family Entertainment: You get the best spot to enjoy with your whole family for putting contests, family entertainment, and practice sessions. 
  4. Proper Slope and Undulation: Our synthetic putting green grass turf installation ensures proper slope and undulation. With us, you get the best putting turf for challenging putts and subtle slopes. 
  5. Worth Investment: Top-quality putting greens offer an aesthetically pleasing look and prove to be a focal point of your property.  
  6. Lasts Long: A professionally installed putting green turf stays green year-round and offers a stunning golf oasis look.

Popular applications for our synthetic putting green turf include:

Residential: Get a perfect artificial putting turf for your enjoying your game in your backyard.

Commercial: Available for sporting facilities, playground surfaces, storefronts, arenas, and more.

Outdoor: Get customized artificial putting green turf for your outdoor needs.

Indoor: Our artificial putting green grass brings any indoor space to life. 

To discuss your synthetic putting green installation in Bettendorf and for a free estimate, contact us today!