Highest Standard Artificial Putting Green Installation in Des Moines

When it comes to custom artificial putting green installation in Des Moines, American Greens can meet your needs and demands. Our Artificial putting greens are of the highest standard and the most advanced in the industry. We provide innovative synthetic putting green installation in Des Moines for your lawn or landscape, like custom golf putting greens, play area, pet zones, play areas, and more. Our installation team possesses years of experience to take care of the complete artificial putting green turf installation process for you.

Rely on American Greens for the best in residential and commercial synthetic turf installation. Our team can customize the backyard putting green installation in Des Moines to give residents flawless results. Whether you want artificial putting greens, beautiful backyard turf, or playground surfaces, we provide the best custom installation solutions.

Highlights of Our Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Des Moines:

1. Our experts help you explore a range of styles and shapes of artificial putting greens to get the one that works best for your space.

2. You get a perfectly level artificial putting green turf with customized undulation.

3. While installing synthetic putting green turf, we ensure the proper amount of sand infill that assures natural ball reaction.

4. We roll out the highest quality synthetic putting green turf that offers the desired green speed.

5. Our team performs precise seam during installation to give the putting green a seamless look.

Top Quality Backyard Putting Green Installation in Des Moines Includes:

Installing the perfect backyard putting green in Des Moines starts with a space-specific design. It is essential to find a course layout that caters to your particular needs and fulfills the golfing objectives. Select the artificial putting green turf that best complements the design.

We are experts in installing artificial putting green that has a significant impact on your golfing experience. Invest in our putting green turf that best fits your course requirements, like the surface texture down and the aesthetic value of the green.

Step 1: Material ordering and delivery
We ensure you get the best material ordered and delivered on time.

Step 2: Equipment and machinery needed
Our fully equipped professional artificial putting green installation team reaches your place with all essential equipment.

Step 3: Sod removal
Sod removal is essential to prepare the base for the artificial putting green turf installation.

Step 4: Base laying and compacting
We perform the base laying with compaction done by tamping, vibrating, and rolling the sub-base materials.

Ste 5: Turf cutting and laying
A perfect turf cutting and laying are essential for achieving the desired shape and design.

Step 6: Cup cutting and concreting
We place artificial putting green cups in a base and secure the area using concrete to ensure the trustworthy installation.

Step 7: Infill spreading
A proper amount of infill weighs the turf down and ensures the longevity of your putting green.

Step 8: Surface rolling
It ensures a smooth, flat, even surface for the artificial putting green turf.

Step 9: Clean up and finishing touches
We clean up the turf with a hand or power broom to remove the debris and add finishing touches.

Benefits of our Artificial Putting Green Installation in Des Moines:

1. Offers a realistic feel for natural ball spin and reaction during

2. Provides enjoyment for the whole family

3. Ensure subtle slope and proper undulation

4. Creates an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful landscape that stays intact all year round

Popular Applications for Our Synthetic Putting Green

We have a large selection of artificial putting green turf products to meet any application:

• Indoor
• Outdoor
• Commercial
• Residential

Our goal is to understand your requirement and provide the perfect solution. We have the best installation team to bring your vision to life. If you are interested in going green with American Greens, contact us today!