Top Quality Artificial Putting Green Installation in Omaha

American Greens is an expert in artificial grass putting green installation in Omaha. We deliver the best possible synthetic putting green installation in Omaha for your property. We use the highest quality synthetic products and are known for workmanship. Whether it is for putting greens, artificial lawns, pet turf, sports fields, or commercial applications, installing our artificial putting green turf reduces your water and maintenance expenses and looks fantastic all year round.

We always take a personal approach and eye to detail for our landscaping and golf greens’ clients. Our artificial putting green installations range from large-scale commercial projects to the smallest custom backyard putting green installation in Omaha. Our synthetic putting green turf is designed to hold up in extreme temperatures and heavy foot traffic. We specialize in installing every type of artificial grass surface, like outdoor grass sports surfaces, kid/pet-friendly playground surfaces, and more.

Key Points of Our Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Omaha:

1. We help you explore a range of artificial putting greens to get the best one that works for your space.

2. With us, you get perfectly level artificial putting green turf with customized undulation.

3. We ensure the proper amount of sand infill during the installation process to ensure a natural ball reaction.

4. We roll out for you a top-quality synthetic putting green turf that offers the desired green speed.

5. Our installation team ensures giving the synthetic putting green turf a seamless look.

Our Backyard Putting Green Installation in Omaha Includes:

Installing the perfect backyard putting green in Omaha is all about a space-specific design. Find out a course layout that caters to your particular needs and fulfills the golfing objectives. Then select the artificial putting green turf for your installation. Our top-quality backyard putting green turf can complement your landscape and enhance your Omaha property’s aesthetics.

We are experts in installing artificial putting green that enhances your golfing experience. Invest in our putting green turf that suits your course requirements.

Step 1: Material ordering and delivery
We ensure you get the best product made with the highest quality material on time.

Step 2: Equipment and machinery needed
Our professional artificial putting green installation team arrives at your place with all essential equipment.

Step 3: Sod removal
We perform the sod removal to prepare the base for the artificial putting green turf installation.

Step 4: Base laying and compacting
It is done by tamping, vibrating, and rolling the sub-base materials for a strong foundation.

Ste 5: Turf cutting and laying
We perform the perfect turf cutting and laying to give the turf the desired shape and design.

Step 6: Cup cutting and concreting
It creates a concrete cylinder that allows the cup to rotate for height adjustment.

Step 7: Infill spreading
It is done to increase the functionality and the longevity of your putting green turf.

Step 8: Surface rolling
It ensures a smooth, even, and flat surface for the green turf.

Step 9: Clean up and finishing touch
It is essential to remove the debris and add finishing touches.

Benefits of Our Artificial Putting Green Installation in Omaha:

1. Offers a realistic feel that simulates real grass greens and provides natural ball spin and reaction.

2. provides a space for enjoying with the whole family in putting contests, practice sessions, family entertainment.

3. Enjoy your short game on the turf that has a subtle slope and proper undulation.

4. Get an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful landscape that complements your property all year round
Some Popular Applications for Our Synthetic Putting Green:

We provide a large selection of artificial putting green turf products to meet your requirement:

• Indoor
• Outdoor
• Commercial
• Residential

Our goal is to understand your requirement and provide you the best service. We have the best installation team to understand your needs and deliver what you want. Do you want to go green with American Greens? Contact us today!