Maintaining Your Home’s Artificial Putting Green Installation in Kenosha, WI

Any golfer would tell you that the key to taking strokes off of your game is to work on your short game. That is why so many golfers get a putting green installed in their backyard. And there are two ways for artificial putting green installation – synthetic turf and traditional grass. Each type comes with its own maintenance requirement, with synthetic turf requiring less maintenance. This is the reason why many homeowners who add a putting green decided to get artificial turf.

With artificial putting green installation in Kenosha, WI, the beauty is that very little maintenance is involved. To keep your putting green in appropriate shape and condition, a bit of upkeep is required. Here are some tips to make sure your synthetic putting green remains functional, beautiful, and in great condition.

With a little bit of rinsing, cleaning, and regular upkeep, you can make sure your surroundings are in great shape and maximize your enjoyment.

How to Clean Artificial Putting Green Installation in Kenosha, WI?

One of the most common questions we receive is, “how often do I need to clean my artificial grass?” The answer is when it comes to synthetic turf, cleaning requirements keep on varying depending on individual situations. For example, if you have children, pets, you will need to rinse and clean the turf often as compared to others. Further, it varies from season to season. You may need to clean the turf more often in the summers.

But what if it rains?

If it rains, your artificial putting green won’t mind at all. Thanks to its superior quality and professional installation from our experts at American-Greens, your green will drain away moisture in no time. It dries fast as soon as the rain stops.

Here is a guide on how often you need to clean your backyard putting green installation in Kenosha, WI


Most homeowners do not need to do excessive upkeep. You can hose your artificial turf just once a week to clean any accumulated dust/debris. This will go a long way to keep your artificial putting green in great shape.


You can go for a more thorough deep cleaning of your backyard putting green installation in Kenosha, WI to wash out any stubborn spills or stains. This will make sure your lawn is always clean, green, and inviting.

If you are interested in improving your short game, consider a synthetic turf from the leaders in turf in Kenosha, WI. Our artificial putting greens are easy to maintain and require much less work than an organic alternative. Give us a call on (877) 408-3636 to discuss your project.