Artificial Putting Green Installation in Memphis, TN

Taking care of natural grassy lawns in the extreme climatic conditions of Memphis, TN becomes a hassle for most homeowners and business owners alike. Are you also struggling with the same issue? Looking for a perfect solution? Then we at American Greens have brought you your perfect solution i.e. our exclusive artificial putting green installation in Memphis, TN. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner looking for a greener lawn or backyard without the hassle of lawn maintenance and upkeep, we got you covered.

Being in the industry for years now we at American Greens can tell one thing confidently that synthetic putting greens go hand in hand with great landscaping. The perfectly manicured appearance of the lawn remains year-round and accentuates the landscaping it accompanies in a great way. Our synthetic putting green installation in Memphis, TN is of the highest standards as we make use of the top quality synthetic turfs along with the most advanced technology. Our skilled experts can make your dull backyard look appealing and fresh offers you a feeling of refreshment.

Benefits of Our Synthetic Backyard Putting Green Installation In Memphis, TN

Our synthetic backyard putting green installation in Memphis, TN comes with a myriad of benefits, which is why we at American Greens are considered as one of the most reliable and reputable services in entire Tennessee. The benefits of our artificial putting green installation in Memphis, TN include:

• A perfectly levelled surface with proper undulation is obtained.

• With the proper amount of sand infill, you get natural ball spin and reaction during chip shots.

• Your desired green speed is achieved by rolling the green.

• Hide the flaws of your lawn and make green look seamless by seaming the turf tightly.

• Complete entertainment space for families, friends with games, contests and more.

• Business owners can plan client meets or small get together with colleagues at free time.

Our Process of Artificial Putting Green Installation in Memphis, TN

Why we at American Greens have become a popular name when it comes to artificial putting green installation in Memphis, TN is our engineered process. We understand that artificial putting green installation is both an art and science. Hence, we make sure to incorporate the best possible materials and techniques to provide services of the highest standards. The steps of our installation process include:

• Material ordering and delivery

• Equipment and machinery needed

• Sod removal

• Base laying and compacting

• Turf cutting and laying

• Cup cutting and concreting

• Infill spreading

• Surface rolling

• Clean up and finishing touches

Get in touch with us today to transform your dull looking lawns and backyards into newer and pleasant. We will be glad to help you!