Full Service Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Putting Green Kits

Artificial Grass Putting Greens

We provide materials and installation services for artificial turf putting greens and other golf applications. Golf a passion of ours, we know how important true ball roll is.

Artificial Grass Lawns

Artificial Grass Lawns

There are many reasons to install an artificial lawn on your property. Lower maintenance costs and added value to your property are just a few benefits.

Artificial Grass Install

Turf for Pets

Give your pet a comfortable place to roam. Artificial turf is great for pets because it is easy to clean and stays looking beautiful.

Artificial Putting Green Kits

Playground Surface Solutions

Playgrounds need to be safe and last a long time. Artificial grass is softer padding than wood chips or sand and holds a 10-year lifespan.

Outdoor Putting Green Kits

We can take care of the installation process for you

  • Typical installation projects take two to three days depending on the size
  • The base consists of many tons of two versions of rock for drainage – we source and coordinate material delivery
  • After the base is perfected, synthetic turf is laid in the exact custom shape the customer prefers.
  • For synthetic turf putting greens, round silica sand is laid and top dressed on top of the synthetic turf.

We fully support customization

No two lawns or putting greens are the same. We defer to the customer on design, size and shape. Undulation is also custom, determined by how the rock base is laid and perfected under the turf.

Whether you’re going for a perfect looking lawn with eccentric landscape features, or a challenging putting green to fine tune your skills, we have artificial turf solutions for you.

Outdoor Golf Putting Green

Professional Synthetic Putting Green and Artificial Lawn Installation

Who doesn’t love greenery all around? There’s just something about a luscious green lawn that makes a homeowner feel good. However. maintaining natural lawns can be challenging. At American Greens, we have an aesthetically pleasing and value creating solution; synthetic putting green and lawn installation.

Our installation team possesses years of experience and professionalism. We take care of the complete synthetic turf installation process for you. We will arrive at the site fully prepared with the design to transform your lawn into the oasis you desire, along with an ability to make modifications depending upon the conditions and your input. Our team offers the flexibility that ensures that you will get the green or lawn you love without any compromise.

Typically, synthetic putting green or lawn installation projects take two to three days based on the size and scope of the job. We begin the process of artificial grass install by removing the sod and dirt, then we perfect the base. Once the base is spread and compacted, the synthetic turf is laid in the exact custom shape that our customers prefer. Next is seaming, gluing and nailing the turf atop the base. If we are completing a synthetic putting green installation, the next step is to top dress the turf with perfectly round silica sand infill. We follow the infill up with a power broom to blend the sand into the fibers. We finish the job by cleaning the area and leaving the job as tidy as possible.

Being in the industry for years now, we understand that no two lawns or synthetic putting greens are the same. Therefore, we encourage and support customization of design, size, and shape depending upon our customer’s preferences as well as the space to be covered. For artificial putting greens, undulation and slope is custom-designed based on how the rock base is laid and perfected under the turf. Whether you wish for a perfect looking lawn with unconventional landscape features or a complex and challenging synthetic putting green to fine-tune your short game skills, we at American Greens have the two solutions for you – synthetic putting green installation or artificial lawn installation!

Our Synthetic Putting Greens Installation Process

When you buy or install greens from American Greens, one of the biggest advantages you get is that you work with a team with years of experience and expertise in designing and installing greens of the highest quality. We create each putting green in such a manner so that it fits perfectly to the particular site and is as per your specifications. We take pride in our precise synthetic putting green installation and/or lawn installation processes. Take a look at a few of the key steps of synthetic putting green and lawn installation, step by step:

Evaluation of the Space

Before we begin our installation process, our team evaluates the space and crafts a design that utilizes the entire space as efficiently as possible. Every aspect of the area is taken into consideration here, from the shape and size to the amount of base needed and how to slope the base according to putting green break desired or lawn drainage required.

Excavation of the Land

We begin our synthetic putting greens installation process by excavating the land, including cutting out the sod, clearing the trees, etc These standard excavations are carried out using loaders that work swiftly and our expert installers are sure to preserve the surfaces around the area as best as possible.

Soil Compaction

After the land gets cleared, our team prepares the soil base using a compacting machine. At this stage, contours and undulations are created into the green as per the customer’s specifications. After compacting the soil, we place a geo-textile sheet over the area to provide firmness and integrity to the green.

Compaction of the Base and Laying of Turf

Upon the compaction of the soil layer, we incorporate a two-layer base of crushed stone and stone dust. We then spread the rock and compact it so the surface under the turf is as smooth as possible. Once the base is ready, the synthetic turf is laid and cut as per the design’s specifications. Round Silica sand is spread and top-dressed on top of the synthetic turf.

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