Turf Install Services FAQ

Experience! There is no replacement. It’s also important to be aware of the focus of your contractor. What is the company’s specialty? Ask about the turf supplier and the installation process. You’re making a significant investment. You deserve to know!

If done right, its time consuming with a lot of heavy lifting! Typical installation projects take two to three days depending on the size. The base consists of many tons of two versions of rock for drainage. After the base is perfected, synthetic turf is laid in the exact custom shape the customer prefers. For synthetic turf putting greens, many tons of perfectly round silica sand are laid and top dressed between the synthetic turf blades.

The best part! Incredibly low maintenance. Use a standard leaf blower to remove debris, leaves and loose impediments. For an occasional weed that may grow on the edge, use any clear color weed killer.

Our made in the USA synthetic turf is designed to withstand hot, humid summers and harsh winters. We’ve been installing synthetic turf since 2000. Our original installations continue to have a rich, green color and texture. We have never experienced a turf performance issue.

Green speed is at the total discretion of the customer. We can modify to very fast or slow. A stimp meter speed of 10 or 10.5 is recommended. All shots can be played to the green with fantastic spin and natural ball reaction. Our greens are topdressed exactly as a natural turf green. This is the longer, tougher installation method vs. others. No short cuts for the best results!

This is difficult to answer. We’ve completed installations everywhere from 500 sq. ft. to 31,000 sq. ft. (ok, that was a nine-hole golf course, which now has all synthetic turf greens). In many cases, we “back into” green size based on two factors:

  1. What the physical area will allow.
  2. What the budget wants to allow.

Yes, a very good option. The turf is a nylon product with a pad attached underneath for soft feel. The stimp meter reading is 10.5. Cups can be cut into concrete or any other surface. American Greens has completed numerous projects at indoor practice facilities, garages and basements.

We recommend fitting into natural settings so natural grass is most common. Landscape rock, brick and mulch are possibilities. Some customers request synthetic fringes. Feedback from customers after the fact on this is they wish they had maximized the square footage of the putting green and minimized or eliminated the fringe area.

Absolutely! American Greens fully supports customization. No two putting greens have ever been done the same. We defer to the customer on design, size and shape. Undulation is also custom, determined by how the rock base is laid and perfected under the turf.

On many projects, 5’ x 5’ full swing turf chipping mats are placed in multiple areas around the green for practicing lob shots or full swing shots from any distance. Remember, since the green is topdressed these shots will spin and hold. Sand bunkers are an option. Keep in mind, synthetic turf putting greens = extremely low maintenance. Sand bunkers = extremely high maintenance.

DIY Putting Green Kits FAQ

If you’re someone that enjoys a day project, this will be no problem for you. We would suggest enlisting the help of 1-2 other people to speed up the process and help with some of the moderate lifting required. No prior landscaping experience is necessary.
No problem! Any local landscaping contractor will be able to install your putting green kit. Also, we do provide a kit installation service in certain areas and would be happy to provides options for kit installation.

We will provide a step-by-step installation guide, an in-depth video showing the process, a list of tools needed, and support during normal business hours.

Our DIY putting green kits come in 5 different sizes. The Major Series line-up was created to provide an option for most spaces. We always suggest measuring the desired area (longest length X widest width) to get your maximum area.

The putting turf included in the kit is absolutely world class and performs and looks like natural grass.

The panels snap together effortlessly like Legos. They are incredibly sturdy and can withstand 100lbs of weight per square inch! You’ll love the smooth putting surface the base panels are able to provide.

Yes. The base panels have a patented sliding mechanism to allow them to work naturally with the ground contours. You simply shape your dirt/rock base however you’d like and the base will adapt perfectly.

The warranty is 5 years on the turf and base system, but we have clients that have had greens for 15-20 years!

Yes! These kits are entirely portable and can be taken with you if you move.

Absolutely! You can easily move your kit inside during the freezing winter season or have it permanently indoor.

Regular turnaround time is right around 10-14 days.

The kits travel via LTL trucking and shipping is entirely dependent on location. We will be happy to provide you with a shipping estimate.

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