Putting Courses – All About This Exciting New Golf Trend

Putting courses are the latest new entertainment trend in golf. But what exactly are they and what’s all the buzz about? 

As a trusted US-based provider of putting course installation with a rich family history in golf, we’re here to answer those questions for you. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this new trend that’s exciting both golfers and non-golfers across the US. 

What Is A Putting Course?

A putting course is a small-scale golf course designed exclusively for putting. The entire surface is artificial turf and incorporates both imitation white turf sand, bunkers, and blue turf water hazards  

Putting courses are like traditional golf courses in that they contain 18 or 36 holes, each with their own par. Holes range from 30 to 70 feet long and only putters are used.  

Putting courses are appealing for their increased accessibility to all ages and skill levels, ease of playability, and overall more relaxed and entertainment-centric environment. 

While putting courses have been around for some time, they were recently popularized by Popstroke – a golf and restaurant entertainment venue with locations in in Florida, Texas, and Arizona featuring two 18-hole putting courses designed by Tiger Woods. 

Since then golf enthusiasts seeking shorter rounds and a change of pace have been gravitating toward this fun new entertainment trend – and to meet the demand, these courses have recently started popping up all over the US. 

What Is A Putting Course Not?

Putting courses are somewhat similar to regular golf courses and mini golf courses, but there are several key differences. Let’s set the record straight. 

Putting courses vs. golf courses 

Aside from the main difference that putting courses are small scale golf holes for putting only, they also: 

  • Offer a more relaxed entertainment atmosphere 
  • Are more widely accessible to all ages and all skill levels 
  • Are a much smaller footprint 

Putting courses let you ditch your woods and irons. For beginners, that means less time chasing balls and more time having fun. Putting courses are less intimidating and physically demanding, making them more appealing to all age groups and all skill levels. 

They are also much smaller; meaning shorter rounds and less walking. Rounds are typically one to one and a half hours from start to finish. The smaller size also keeps each group closer together, further contributing to the fun and community aspect of the game. 

Putting courses vs. mini golf 

Putting courses are also similar to mini golf or putt-putt, in that they are putting-centric and more entertainment-oriented than regular golf. But the similarities stop there. 

Putting courses: 

  • Don’t feature elaborate obstacles 
  • Involve more mounding and slopes that create a strategy 
  • Offer a more authentic putting experience 

At a putting course you won’t see a clown’s mouth, windmill, or ramps. This contributes to an overall more authentic putting experience with doglegs and breaks beginners and advanced players can easily grasp.  

Where to Find Putting Courses

Popstroke Putting Course in Sarasota, Florida. (Photo: Mike Lang, Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

Putting courses are generally found at venues that cater to recreational and outdoor activities. Here are some places you can find them: 

  • Traditional Golf Courses: Golf resorts, public and private golf courses are integrating putting courses into their landscapes, providing a supplemental entertainment for golfers and supplemental revenue for their facilities 
  • Standalone Driving Range Facilities: These facilities have begun to incorporate putting courses, offering a more complete full swing and putting experience vs. a simple range or practice green, along with big added fun 
  • Amusement Parks and Entertainment Centers: These family-friendly venues are diversifying their activities with the addition of putting courses, adding a new layer of fun that both kids and adults can enjoy together 
  • “Eatertainment” Restaurants: New restaurants everywhere adding to their food and beverage options. Pickleball, bocce ball, shuffleboard, darts, ping pong. Putting courses give customers a reason to stay/spend at these facilities 

 If you’re looking to go on a little trip, here are some of the best putting courses in the US:

  • Pinseekers DeForest, WI 
  • Pinseekers Tiffin, IA 
  • The Social Birdy Branson, MO 

Artificial Turf Putting Course Design and Installation

An insider look at a putting course installation: Pinseekers – An all-new putting course in DeForest, WI. © American Greens.

Specific artificial turf intended for putting courses is used. It’s extremely durable, easy to maintain and provides a consistent smooth putting surface. Special software tools for hole routing and visualization before a project begins are the key to a well designed putting course.  

Designers create a variety of slopes and lengths to cater to players of all skill levels. Aspects of natural landscaping are incorporated into the course design if desired. Installation involves precise grading and creation of mounding and undulation.  Special silica sand infill is added between the blades to ensure the best playability.  

Each putting course design is a careful blend of thoughtful design, accurate routing, and unique individual hole creation. All these factors contribute to providing an enjoyable golf entertainment experience for any skill level.  

At American Greens, our artificial grass putting courses utilize premium turf to mimic true ball roll. We also consider elements such as ADA compliance, playability, aesthetics, and overall look and feel to give our customers the best putting course experience possible. 

Putting Courses: Offering Fun For All

Putting courses are a recent and unique trend to hit the golf market. Their allure is the laid back atmosphere and accessibility to all ages and skill levels. They offer a more authentic golf experience than miniature golf yet blend the elements of family-friendly fun while adding a whole new layer of strategy for golf fanatics, hobbyists, and even those who have never picked up a club before. 

Some beginners are intimidated by trying to swing a golf club. Anyone can putt, ages 5 to 95. For someone who has never picked up a club before it’s the perfect introduction to the game of golf. It’s not uncommon to see families only as the absolute majority of customers on the course! 

For businesses, restauranteurs, clubs, and entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of this new trend by building their own course, be sure to check out our putting course installation services. We’d love to discuss how we can transform your space into widely accessible, family-friendly fun.